Dr. Gurevitch Danielle



Associate Dean at the Faculty of Humanities,  Bar-Ilan University, Israel. Coordinator of the "Dr. Naim Dangoor Program of Universal Monotheism" at the Faculty of Humanities since its establishment at Bar-Ilan in  2008. Specializes in developing innovative academic programs and promoting pioneering  studying tracks. Since 2007, Director and lecturer at the Multidisciplinary B.A. Department (Liberal Arts), at the Faculty of Humanities, Bar-Ilan University. Over the past 6 years have organized and initiated nine (9) international academic conferences. Presented at twenty eight (28) conferences around the world. Edited a book, published several articles. 
Two main fields of interest and personal academic specialization are western Fantasy fiction and traditional narratives in Medieval England and France in ethnological perspective, meaning as illuminators of Cultural-Social phenomenon in Medieval Europe and today. Neo-medievalist approach to the growing popularity of Medieval literately sources and aspiration, in an multidisciplinary approach.