Dr. Gurevitch Danielle

Dr. Danielle Gurevitch


In her academic research, Gurevitch is an ethnologist (Literature and Cultural studies) and a faculty member at the humanities, since 2003. Her Scientific academic work includes the History of Ideas, Contemporary Cultural studies, gender studies, and Literature. Her latest book titled: “The Lais of Marie de France: On Chivalries Knights, fair damsels and forbidden love”, was recently published (2020). For more information, see: https://biu.academia.edu/DanielleGurevitch/CurriculumVitae

In addition, Gurevitch established, directed, developed and lectures at the Multidisciplinary studies (Liberal Arts) at the faculty of Humanities at BIU, including the regional studies programs focusing on Asian studies and comparative cultures studies between East and West. She head’s the program since 2007. Gurevitch holds a visiting Professor degree from Nanjing University since March 2017 for her contribution to the Glazer Institute of Jewish Studies and for her devotion to bridge between China and Israel cultural and research relations.

And last, Gurevitch is the chief director of the Sir Naim Dangoor Centre (previously Dangoor program) since its establishment (2008), focusing on building intercultural and interreligious bridges between nations (Cultural diplomacy). For more information, see:


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