The field of Chinese Studies include varied historical and thematic topics. The introductory course provides an overview of traditional Chinese culture ranging from the pre-imperial period up to the middle of the 19th century. Modern Chinese history is the focus of several courses that delve into 20th century China, including protests and revolutions and the processes through which China became an economic powerhouse. Dr. Hadas Peled specializes in Chinese law and business and engages with aspects of commercial law, international organizations, and economic trends in China-Israel relations. Chinese culture is the focal point of Dr. Gideon Elazar’s research, particularly religions and contemporary Chinese anthropology, including Christianity and Islam in China and various aspects of the Silk Road. Dr. Michal Zelcer-Lavid researches minorities, ethnicity, and politics in contemporary China, while also exploring the history of China and the relationship between culture, politics, and ethnicities in modern China, with a special focus on the Tibetan and Uyghur minorities in west China, as well as the relations between East and West Asia.