Multidisciplinary BA in the Humanities

A joint undertaking of all the Humanities departments aimed at increasing the BA student's awareness of the great variety existent in the fields of humanities, thought and culture, from the near West to the Far East.


The program is composed of five tracks divided into clusters (8 weekly hours per cluster) which the student chooses from three groups of courses:


  • The courses offered by the Faculty's departments: Philosophy, Jewish Philosophy, Comparative Literature, Classics, French Culture, Arabic, English, Music and Information Studies.
  • A selection of interdisciplinary courses from various departments in other faculties in the university, such as Political Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, and Geography in the Faculty of Social Sciences; all the departments in the Faculty of Jewish Studies. On request, courses can also be taken from other departments (e.g. from the Faculty of Exact Sciences).
  • In addition, there are two tracks unique to the multidisciplinary program:

Community Interpreting (different languages and Israeli Sign Language)*

Asian Studies


* Acceptance is based on a personal interview and entrance exam.


Choices and combinations of the different clusters are modular, and can be made on the basis of a specific department, a structured track or the student's personal areas of interest. The aim is to avoid compelling the student into choosing a single discipline or area of study at the start of his/her university education.


The program, in each of its stages, is accompanied by personal guidance and counseling intended to help the student continue to graduate studies.


The multidisciplinary program offers maximal opportunities for the student's preferences, abilities and schedule limitations, and is therefore particularly suited to educated people interested in enriching their knowledge of the humanities - of the East and the West, and for those who have still not decided on a specific field of interest, and of course, for those who are restricted by their work schedule.